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 Pokemon Natures Guide

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PostSubject: Pokemon Natures Guide   Wed Aug 17, 2011 11:38 am

Hello there. I'm Unk and i'm going to talk about the importance of a Pokemon's nature. Pokemon natures are basically stat boosters/decreasers which help you decide on what movesets to give to your pokemon. For example, if you have a Dragonite with a Modest Nature (boosts SP. Attack, lowers PHYS. Attack), it makes more sense to give it a Dragon Pulse or Draco Meteor (because those are special attacks). If you have one with an Adamant Nature (boosts PHYS. Attack, lowers SP. Attack), then Dragon Claw and Outrage are better choices because they're physical. EVs can also boost Speed, SP. Defense, and Defense, as well as lower them at the same time. In standard battles, not having the right natures could hurt you. Here, i'll give you an example: Say you have a Starmie with the Brave Nature (boosts Attack, lowers Speed). Starmie is a Special Attacker and has a lot of speed, so this nature isn't good for it. It is recommended that you check a Pokemon's base stats (base totals for each stat) and its movepool so you will know which nature you should get for your pokemon.

In any of the GB/DS Pokemon Games, a good way to get the nature you want is breeding your Pokemon. Breeding is a good way of getting different natures for a pokemon. You have a 1:25 chance of getting the nature you want (4%), and it's worth it.

Natures increase a stat total by 10% and decreases a stat total by 10%. Also, Natures do not affect the HP stat of a Pokemon. Note that there are 5 neutral natures (neither increases nor decreases a stat : Hardy, Bashful, Docile, Serious, and Quirky. I prefer you not getting these natures for your Pokemon, because these natures won't have any effect on your Pokemon's stats.

Here is a Natures Table to give you specifics on each Nature:

NatureBoosted Stat Lowered Stat
Adamant Attack Special Attack
Brave Attack Speed
Hardy Attack Attack
Lonely Attack Defense
Naughty Attack Special Defense
Bold Defense Attack
Docile Defense Defense
Impish Defense Special Attack
Lax Defense Special Defense
Relaxed Defense Speed
Bashful Special Attack Special Attack
Mild Special Attack Defense
Modest Special Attack Attack
Quiet Special Attack Speed
Rash Special Attack Special Defense
Calm Special Defense Attack
Careful Special Defense Special Attack
Gentle Special Defense Defense
Quirky Special Defense Special Defense
Sassy Special Defense Speed
Hasty Speed Defense
Jolly Speed Special Attack
Naive Speed Special Defense
SeriousSpeed Serious
Timid Speed Attack

If you find any mistakes in my guide, or have any questions, feel free to post a reply to this topic!
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Pokemon Natures Guide
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