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 So you want to know how to breed Pokemon.

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PostSubject: So you want to know how to breed Pokemon.   Sat Aug 20, 2011 12:12 pm

As an avid shiny hunter and Pokemon breeder, I often get asked. "How do you breed so quickly and so well?" The answer is: Knowing your breeding techniques and the best ways to get to understand them. I hope this guide will help you with your Pokemon breeding success!

How to breed at all

Pokemon can be bred by leaving two Pokemon of different genders, and related compatibility in the day-care. The day-care in Pokemon Black/White is just off of the right of Straiton City. (Route 3) Two Pokemon are compatible if they have one of the same egg-groups. I will explain egg-groups later. If you don't have any related Pokemon of the same egg-group, Ditto is a great option! Sadly, some Pokemon cannot be bred. The pokemon the can't be bred are listed below:

Legendary Pokemon (Excluding Manaphy and Phione)

Baby Pokemon


Pokemon with unknown gender can only breed with Ditto.

Breeding Rate

Breeding rate is the chance of your Pokemon breeding and you receiving an egg. The different Breeding Rates are listed below-

Same species, different ID numbers. (The Daycare Man will say "The two seem to get along very well.")

Same species, same ID numbers. (The Daycare Man will say "The two seem to get along.")

Different Species, same ID numbers. (The Daycare Man will say "The two don't seem to like each other.")

Different egg groups, same genders or No eggs group. (The Daycare Man will say "The two prefer to play with other Pokémon than each other.")

Getting the Egg

Compatible Pokemon have a chance of breeding every 256 steps. If you have good pokemon and good luck, your pokemon will breed! In Pokemon Black/White, if you get close enough to the Daycare Man, He will say, "Heey! -Name Here- Come over here!'' If you walk up to him and click him, He will say that your pokemon was holding an egg. If you have a spare slot in your party, you will be able to receive the egg.

Hatching the egg

The time it takes for eggs to hatch depends on the Pokémon's species' required number of egg cycles. Obviously, Magikarp has the lowest egg cycle, so it's the easiest to hatch. The easiest way to hatch eggs FAST, is to have a pokemon in the first slot of your party, such as


With the ability Flame Body or Magma Armor.

I hope this helped you guys!!



ιм נυѕт α gιяℓ ωιтн α ℓσνє ƒσя ρσкємση

OH, By the way..

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Love, ~Amber~ Smile
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So you want to know how to breed Pokemon.
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