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 What is Pokemon Online?

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PostSubject: What is Pokemon Online?   Mon Aug 22, 2011 4:24 am

I have been a fan of Pokemon for over 2 years, enjoying the 3rd generation and 4th generation games. I understand some of the concepts of the 5th generation, but I do not own any 5th generation Pokemon games. As an alternative, I play on Pokemon Online.

Many times, I hear myself answering the same question: What is Pokemon Online?

Well, to put it plain and simple, it is an alternative to WiFi battles.

Since I do not own any 5th generation Pokemon games, I cannot play WiFi battles and have that fun experience. Pokemon Online is something that allows me to play similar-styled battles for free, and have a fun experience. Although it cannot guarantee you the intensity of battles that WiFi battles do contain, but it will provide you a plethora of battlers wanting to do the same thing: battle!

Pokemon Online is an online battle simulator that allows you to build a team (Any Pokemon you wish, you can teach them any move that is in their movepool, you can give them any EVs you wish with a maximum of 510 evs, and you can give them IVs). Pokemon Online is sort of different than WiFi, in which you will find more competitive gamers. Strategy is the key to winning on PO (Pokemon Online), so you need to create a team with high synergy and a team that can defeat your opponent's team.

You have the access to different tiers as well.

VGC tiers:

VGC 2009
VGC 2010
VGC 2011

All Generation tiers:

CC 1v1
Challenge Cup

GSC tiers:

GSC Ubers

Advance tiers:

Advance Uber Doubles
Advance OU Doubles
Advance OU
Advance UU
Advance NU
Advance LC

DP tiers:

DP Uber Doubles
DP OU Doubles

B/W tiers:

There are several of them!

Pokemon Online requires you to have internet connection to access it.

To download the Pokemon Online software (which is free of charge), visit this link:

I will continue to add details to explain Pokemon Online furthermore.
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What is Pokemon Online?
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